Ribe beer from Ribe Brewery

In Ribe enthusiastic local beer lovers know how to run a successful brewery. Ribe Brewery is a microbrewery close to Ribe Cathedral, that brews different kinds of quality ales.
At the hostel we sell Ribe Ales by the piece or in gift boxes. Ribe Brewery is several years appointed as Denmark’s most profitable brewery among 50 microbreweries.
The brewers open the brewery to visitors every Saturday 10am to 2pm.

Local Postcards from Ribe and the Wadden Sea

Our postcards are a colourful range of postcards with photographs of Ribe and Wadden Sea scenes and characters.

Wadden Sea Tea. Top quality tea from Carstensen’s Tea Shop

The Wadden Sea is developed especially for our hostel in 2011 by the famous Danish tea house “Carstensens Tehandel” in Aabenraa. You can taste our Wadden Sea Tea every morning at the breakfast buffet.
The process of finding just the right taste was long but very exciting, and we are very proud of the result, a rooibos with Sea Buckthorn, Heather Flower and a lovely cream character of vanilla.
If you prefer a Ceylon tea, we also serve that for breakfast, but we don’t sell it from our shop.

Our own popular organic luxury muesli: Ribe Muesli

This is a muesli that many of our regular customers look forward to eating. The ingredients in our homemade luxury muesli are: oatmeal, raisins, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, coconut, hazelnuts or walnuts and honey. All organic.
You can taste our organic luxury muesli at the breakfast buffet every morning and afterwards buy some of it to bring back home for a special occasion.

Souvenirs from Ribe in Denmark