Family rooms or rooms for friends. Rooms for 3, 4 or 5 persons

FAMILIES: Cheap and child friendly accommodation and holidays at Danhostel Ribe. We can offer rooms with 3-4 or 5 beds in different categories (read further down). Our hostel’s warm and cosy atmosphere and our facilities are ideal for family holidays. Get inspired: Family rooms and Family holiday –  NB! Our 5 bed rooms are only for families with little children, they will not leave enough room for 5 adults or families with older children.

FRIENDS: 3-4 friends travelling together can also rent a family room.  It is cheaper for 3 or 4 persons to rent a room, than it is to rent beds in a dorm. NB! Our 5 bed rooms are only for families with small children, they will not leave enough room for 5 adults.

Twin, double and single rooms

The hostel offers affordable double, twin and single rooms in 2 categories:.
If wanted it is possible to push the beds together in a twin room to get a double room.
Solo guests and backpackers may want to consider the cheaper alternative of renting a bed in a room that is shared with other guests: Backpackers 

About the hostel rooms – All the hostel’s bedrooms have en-suite facilities

  • Private shower/toilet facilities and entrance room. All the hostel’s bedrooms have private shower/toilet facilities and a small entrance room. Not many hotels in Ribe can offer private shower/toilet nor an entrance with an extra door to the corridor area, which protects against noise. Of course this also takes some place from the room, and we admit that our rooms are not very big – instead we have many common places for the pleasure of our guests and cheap prices like a low budget hotel. See: Facilities
  • Bed linen. You may bring your own towels and bed linen or, if you prefer, we have bed linen for rent. Please don’t use sleeping bags. All the beds have allergy-friendly pillows and comforters
  • Cleaning. Our efficient cleaning personnel ensure that you receive a clean and pleasant room upon arrival. Prior to departure, we ask that you leave the room tidy and put recycling items in the recycling box
  • Wi-FI for free
  • Smoking, pets. We maintain a smoke-free and pet-free environment
  • Lift. Our rooms are spread out on three stories (no lift)
  • People with disabilities. Please contact us so we can give you a room that best fits your needs. The hostel has received the Accessibility Label – but not all our rooms are disabled-friendly.

More questions about the hostel, see:
Facilities and Hostel Faqs (frequently asked questions) and About the Hostel

Hostel room categories

Please notice the different categories of rooms and the different prices, sizes and views.  Find the prices on this link: Prices

Category A+ : Rooms for 1-4 persons (5 persons if necessary)
2 persons can use the room as twin room or as a double room.
3 and 4 persons sleep in bunk beds. The lower beds can be used as double or twin beds.
You might find the rooms small, but they all have a small entrance room and private facilities, and all the hostel’s common facilities are at your disposal.
These rooms are either with court yard view or with national park or medieval town view.

Category A : Our smallest and cheapest double or twin rooms
The rooms can be used for couples who want to lie close (-mattress is 140 cm)
You can also use the room as a twin room when the bed is used as a bunk bed.
The rooms have a small entrance room and private facilities.
These rooms have courtyard view.
NB! Remember a big sheet if you bring your own linen.

Free Wi-Fi

The hostel has free internet access.
Click here to see what more is included in prices at the hostel: Free at the hostel

Why not choose Bed & Breakfast? Our breakfast is highly recommended by our guests: Breakfast Buffet

Single room at Danhostel Ribe with a view of the courtyard