Special offers at Danhostel Ribe in Denmark

Book directly at Danhostel and we offer you 10% discount on the room rate. Call us +45 7542 0620 or send an email: ribe@danhostel.dk 

Note! The offer cannot be added to other discounts. 

Experience a short break in the Viking city of Ribe and in the Wadden Sea National Park.
It is Scandinavia’s oldest and Denmark’s best preserved town. At Ribe Viking Museum you can learn much more about Ribe’s history and on this link Old Town Walk you will find a self-guided walking tour of old town Ribe.

During winter you can see the huge flocks of geese and swans in the Wadden Sea. You can also see if you can break the record by finding the world’s biggest oyster – the biggest was found in the Wadden Sea 10 km from Danhostel Ribe a few years ago (Guinness World Records). During spring and autumn you can experience the famous natural phenomenon Black Sun – Starlings.

This is free for hostel guests

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What’s going on in Ribe

You can follow Ribe’s Night Watch Man for a free evening town walk  in the old Ribe, see the famous Ribe Cathedral  with modern art decorations and the beautiful new cathedral square. You can visit Ribe Brewery on Saturday mornings, and experience Ribe’s museums and activity centres or go for a guided tour in the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea National Park .